CARP 2019 Annua; Spring Luncheon Committee

The CARP Annual Spring Luncheon is a celebration to honor the legacy of CARP's past and thank those who are funding our mission. CARP’s new vision includes unique, gender-specific 12 Step Homes for economically vulnerable men and women that support abstinence-based recovery. Our 2019 Honorary Chairpersons are Park Miller and Patty Dean, and Chairpersons are Cat and Michael Cabot.

Park Miller, Patty Dean, Honorary Chairpersons, with Ellen Fletcher and Ainsley Charles of Neiman Marcus at the CARP groundbreaking celebration.

Guest Speaker Ryan Leaf

Former NFL quarterback
Former NFL quarterback Ryan Leaf
Ryan is a former NFL QB whose career was full of expectations he didn’t live up to. That failure, accompanied by his inability to live life on life’s terms, found him in a prison cell both literally and emotionally. Given such adversity, coupled with the guidance of an unexpected ally, Ryan has become a symbol of peace and inspiration for those who struggle with substance abuse and mental illness. Ryan currently is the Program Ambassador for Transcend Recovery Community as well as a College Football and NFL Analyst for Fox Sports, Pac12 Network & SiriusXM.

Excerpts from Past CARP Annual Spring Luncheon Events

Videography by Frank Eberling

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