Grand Opening, CARP Women's Home ~ Serenity

A Note of Gratitude to Our Community

As a result of your generosity, CARP has been able to meet the increased need in our community resulting from COVID-19. Isolation due to social distancing, suspended 12 Step meetings, disrupted routines, job losses, and financial insecurity has led to an increased number of economically vulnerable alcoholics and addicts seeking recovery. Now more than ever, those less fortunate are at risk of falling through the social safety net. Your support has ensured that recovery is available to all those who seek it, without regard to resources – as inequality due to income, education, and wealth have been exacerbated by the global pandemic.


A client room in the CARP Women’s Home, Serenity. Art by Christina Kramer.

Throughout the pandemic, the CARP Women’s Residential Program for Recovery has been open, accepting new clients and graduating others who have completed the 90-day program. CARP staff and residents have adapted to the uncertainty in world events by participating in online 12 Step meetings and virtual meetings with sponsors, to maintain the integration between CARP residents and the broader recovery community that is critical to the program’s success. Our Women’s 12 Step Home, Serenity, has remained COVID-free as a result of enhanced safety measures. Our Men’s Home will open Feb. 1, 2021.


Travis Husk (Tiffany & Co.), Janice Palmer (Tiffany & Co.), Jeff Sabean (Tiffany & Co.), Patty Dean, Park Miller, and Ainsley Charles (Neiman Marcus) at the Grand Opening of the CARP Women’s Home, 1.31.20.

Because the health of our CARP community is our chief priority, we will not be hosting our 2021 Annual Spring Luncheon. The safety and serenity of our partners, sponsors, donors, staff, clients, and board members -– and broader Palm Beach County community — is vital to advancing our mission. While we will miss seeing you, we feel strongly that this is in our community’s collective best interest.

Mo Maynor DeMott and Bill DeMott at the Grand Opening of the CARP Women’s Home, 1.31.20.

We plan to host a Grand Opening celebration at the CARP Men’s Home once it is safe to do so, and will be announcing details soon. We thank you for your patience and loyalty during this uncertain time.

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