The CARP Annual Spring Luncheon is a celebration to honor the legacy of CARP's past and thank those who are funding our mission. CARP’s new vision includes unique, gender-specific 12 Step Homes for indigent men and women that support abstinence-based recovery and offer hope to Palm Beach County’s most vulnerable. The luncheon celebrates the Renewal of CARP through a featured speaker, who brings a message of recovery and hope. Examples of recent speakers are  Mackenzie Phillips, Ryan Leaf, and Laurie Dhue, who both spoke of their respective journeys through addiction, transformation, and recovery. Contributions from the luncheon support the development and operations of CARP Men’s and Women’s 12 Step Homes. We thank the following donors for their contributions to the CARP capital campaign:  Samuel J. & Connie M. Frankino Foundation, William Groot Family Trust, Virginia Wellington Cabot Foundation, Cathleen McFarlane Ross Foundation, J. M. Rubin Foundation, George F. Baker Trust, Tiffany & Co,  and Neiman Marcus.

Renewal of CARP Reception, May 2016

CARP Men's 12 Step Home