CARP Women's 12 Step Home

CARP Receives $376K Grant from William Groot Family Trust

The Board of Directors of CARP (Comprehensive Alcoholism Rehabilitation Programs), Inc. is delighted to announce receipt of a $376,000 gift from the William Groot Family Trust.

Funds will be used to build 24–bed, gender-specific 12-step homes in West Palm Beach for men and women seeking freedom from alcoholism and drug addiction. The residences will provide long-term transitional housing to support abstinence-based recovery. Upon approval of submitted plans, construction will begin.

CARP Men's 12 Step Home

CARP Men’s 12 Step Home

Founded in 1972, CARP provides affordable recovery housing programs for men and women less fortunate who are suffering from alcoholism and drug addiction in Palm Beach County. CARP’s new vision includes providing safe, stable, home-like housing, to empower residents to transition to a substance-free lifestyle by following the principles of 12 Step programs. The goal is to provide the addicted with an opportunity to break free of the cycle of homelessness and dependency so that they may contribute to the community.

Kelly V. Landers, Esq., Board President, expressed his gratitude: “We are deeply honored to have been one of several charities to have received the kindness from the William Groot Family Trust. God is truly smiling upon CARP’s renewal.”